Today I'd like to talk about a NEW variety to the Garden Girl Seed Store and a very promising underrated tomato variety that is fairly new. Soleil Orange Cherry Tomatoes. Soleil actually means "sun" in French. Though I haven't trialled this variety myself yet (will be this year) this is why I think it looks to be a dependable early variety a great alternative to the famous Sungold.

  1. At 65 days it's just as early as Sungold - not extremely early but still an earlier maturing variety of orange cherry tomato.
  2. It is reputable for being strong as a plant and a good producer! Indeterminate meaning it requires support as it grows in an upright form.
  3. These orange cherry tomatoes are not prone to splitting
  4. They have a sweet, tangy flavor perfect for fresh eating, salads, roasting etc.
  5. It's an Open-Pollinated Variety meaning you can collect the seeds and the variety will remain true to it's type as long as it's not planted close by to other varieties or it will cross pollinate.

You can grow this variety (seeds here):

I'm really excited to try this variety in the garden this year - I'm a sucker for wanting to try new varieties of tomatoes especially earlier varieties. Stay tuned on trial results from that. :-)

Breanna Sproule

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