Hi, Welcome to our Canadian Seed Company Based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our vision is to provide select garden seeds that are high in qualities like good productivity, high in vigor and fast maturity which means they're perfect for short season gardens!

I'm Breanna the founder and I've always had a passion to grow. From a young age I loved to get seeds and grow veggies like lettuce, radishes and spinach. A lot of the time things wouldn't work out but many times it did and those first, fresh harvests of vegetables are what sunk the hook in me to keep at it! As a teen and young adult I continued to pursue this passion taking more courses in gardening and after school completed Certification in Horticulture with U of G (University of Guelph).

All the while my family and I were still growing gardens - but were finding the same problem year after year, many of the varieties didn't work for us because they either took too long to mature for our short season, didn't have good productivity, were prone to disease and more! This meant my family and I tried lots of varieties (we even grew vegetables to sell for awhile) - so after a while we started to find the varieties that had consistent vigor and productivity for us - which we needed in order to sell vegetables! Seeing that many of these varieties weren't often in one company and were sometimes hard to source not to mention never found on most of the seed racks in the store - I decided (with the encouragement of family) to start a seed company! 

So here we are! This is my beautiful family: Without their support and equal passion - Garden Girl Seeds wouldn't be here! We love to grow and we want you to get to love it as well by providing the right varieties and helpful key tips and advice! Welcome to Garden Girl Seeds.


My family: left to right: Breanna, Bibiane, Michael & Abigail Sproule 



One of my first gardens as a kid