This time on Seed Spotlight I'm featuring Seed Dahlias - Specifically the Garden Pride Mix which is a NEW variety to the Garden Girl Seed Store. My family has grown cut flowers to sell at our farm for several years and the first year we started we grew seed dahlias and they were such a joy to grow! They were verily easy to start from seed and had great vigor and produced so many colorful blooms for our bouquets. They are such a pretty cut flower or bedding plant for the garden. The Garden Pride Mix is a great choice for gardeners and here's why:

  1. This Seed Dahlia Variety is a nice mid-range size 12-15 in tall so still good for cut flowers but not too large - makes for a beautiful border plant or to add some pop of color in the veg patch. 
  2. It grows uniform and is a very vigorous plant
  3. Colors of Salmon, Yellow, Pink, Scarlet and Creamy White - at the end of the season you can dig out the tubers of your favorite color - overwinter, then plant next Spring!
  4. Because of their compact growth can be grown in containers as well.
  5. Semi-double blooms 3'' sized. 

You can grow this variety (seeds here):

Excited to try the Garden Pride Mix in my garden this year for the first time - a lovely summer flower. 

Breanna Sproule



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