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Secrets to Growing Better Cucumbers! And Successful Trial Results!


Today wanted to share a very successful trial we had of Tasty Green Cucumbers last year! This variety was recommended several times by a local gardener. I started the plants indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date - planted them out and they started growing fast! The cucumbers were good sized, sweet and firm and the plants stayed disease free and green the whole summer even through hot 39 degrees+ temperatures till frost which I haven't seen in a cucumber. We ate them fresh out of the garden but also in salads with our lettuce blend which is so good! Craving that right now!

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Wanted to share a couple important tips when growing your cucumbers related to pollination:

1. Cucumbers are fruit since they form from the flowers. We used to grow cherries and the years they got good pollination from bees we got a good crop of cherries - but the years we didn't - our crop suffered. Same for cucumbers. Unlike lettuce, spinach, beets or carrots that don't form from the flowers - cucumbers are a "fruit" that develop from the flower that needs pollination.

2. If you're having trouble getting bees to pollinate your cucumbers or if your cucumbers are not formed well, try planting a flower like marigolds on the corners of the beds. The bees are drawn to the color and will know there's pollen there! And they'll see the small cucumber flowers better!

Hope these tips help and look forward to sharing some delicious recipes for cucumbers in the summer!

Breanna Sproule

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