My Omelette Recipe using Spring Veggies from the Garden!

Here's a recipe for my go-to omelette - this time of year it features some of the first veggies coming up in the garden! 



(Serves 4 people)

- 6 eggs beaten

- 1/3 cup of milk 

- 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese

- Salt & Pepper

- Garlic Powder (optional)

- Fresh Asparagus 3-4 spears chopped (optional)

- Young garlic or onion chopped (optional)

- Fresh Spinach chopped (optional)

- Fresh Chives for garnish (optional)

- oil and butter for pan



1. Start your onions and asparagus frying on medium heat till softened.

2. Preheat low - medium pan with oil and butter. Whisk your eggs with milk and spices.

3. Add to your pan and lightly move eggs around pan with your spatula - almost like making scrambled eggs. When eggs are set in pan add your fillings of choice (be creative with what you like) - try not to overfill.

4. Gently work the eggs into a fold using your spatula doing the best you can - don't worry if it's not perfect! 

5. Move to a plate - add chives as garnish (if desired) and enjoy!




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