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Garden Girl Seed


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Look no further for a good salad mix! This is a Garden Girl formulated salad mix with red and green romaine. Romaine is more heat tolerate than most lettuce varieties so it continues to grow through the Summer as harvested.  Either plant in Spring for Spring/Summer or Late Summer for Fall. Keep harvesting for your weekly salads.

How to Grow: Direct sow or sow in trays 3-4 weeks in advance to give a head start. Direct sow and plant out once soil can be worked.

Planting Depth and Spacing: Plant 1/4'' deep 2-4" apart in rows 18-24" apart.

Germination: 7-14 days

Height at Maturity and Spread: 8" high and Spread of 2-3"

Plant in nutrient rich, free draining soil. Keep well watered, even use sprinkler to keep romaine from going bitter into summer. Harvest romaine as soon as it reaches baby leaf stage. cut back some without damaging the crown (inner center of lettuce) to ensure it grows back.

SEEDS PER PKT: 1000 seeds